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An inspired cuisine. A graduate of the Paul Bocuse Institute and Major of promotion, Uri joined Bras as a cook. He continues his career with Michelin-starred Chef Guy Lassausaie, then as Chef at the Dôme du Marais. Sophie, graduated from the Lycée d’Occitanie in Toulouse, runner-up of France dessert à l’assiette (CEDUS), will become a pastry chef at Dominique Toulousy. She continues her career with Michel Bras. Finally, she solidifies her passion for bread by joins the team of Best Worker of France, Frédéric Lalos at the Quartier du Pain in Paris. It is in the restaurant of the Auberge du Barrez that they welcome you: Comptoir du Barrez
A local and seasonal cuisine.


Uri & Sophie 

Cuisine Auberge du Barrez

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Au Comptoir du Barrez

AuComptoir du Barrez


The Au Comptoir du Barrez, the restaurant of the Auberge du Barrez offers two rooms for your meals.

100% of fresh produce is processed on site. Some vegetables are grown in the vegetable garden of the owners of the places.

Menu of the day at 14,90 € and in formula at 12,50 € every day of the week.

Bistronomie: Menu OLIVIER composed of products and flavors from here and elsewhere at 24 € starter / main course / dessert

GastronomyMenu CHÊNE composed of products and local flavors at 39 € starter / main course / dessert or 42€ starter / fish / main course / dessert / map of dishes



Morethan 200 references of wine & spirits